the first visit

The appointment will start with the history taking, that is, we need you to explain the reasons for seeking chiropractic help. We will not only discuss present complaints but also possible previous illnesses, accidents or operations. It is important that your chiropractor gets a full picture of the general health situation to be able to determine the underlying cause of the complaint.

Following the history taking there will be a physical examination, concentrating on the ‘biomechanical apparatus‘. Besides orthopaedic and neurological testings, certain chiropractic investigations will be performed. Here the chiropractor evaluates the “give”(joint play) and range of motions of joints of the spine, pelvis and, if necessary, the extremities, in order to see if movement is normal, too little or too much. The status of supporting muscles and ligaments will be looked at and, if necessary, other body functions investigated. If there are any X-rays, CT- or MR images, please bring them along, so that they can be evaluated too. Occasionally, further tests or special images need to be ordered.

Preceding the treatment, we will explain the outcome of the history and examination. We find it important that the patient understands why the body hurts or doesn’t function properly. There will be enough time for any open questions to be asked.

If the treatment lies within the chiropractic scope of practice, we will lay out exactly what is to be treated and why, and what can be done to help the outcome. The treatment can start at the first visit. The number of treatments needed to gain full relief usually depends on the pain severity, the age of the individual and the duration of the complaint. Find more about treatment frequency under the heading “ Course of treatment”.